Along with taking a multi-vitamin to fill any gaps in nutrition, Foobie Fitness loves these natural remedies to help restore balance to the body. *Be sure to speak with your doctor first and discontinue all supplements two weeks before surgery.


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Protein Powder/Bars: Protein is a macronutrient essential for proper cell growth, repair, and functioning. Widely popular in the fitness world, research shows that supplementing with protein helps build muscle and aid in recovery. To help meet your nutritional needs, Foobie Fitness promotes drinking daily home-made fruit smoothies with an added scoop of protein powder and keeping protein bars handy as a convenient and healthy snack. To see which bars we like, check out our Sample Meal Plan.

Beet Root: Beets are a natural vasodilator which allows better blood flow. Improved circulation increases amounts of fresh oxygen to aid in healing and disease prevention. Beets are also high in nutrients that reduce your risk of cancer.

Turmeric: Known in Eastern medicine as a powerful antioxidant, turmeric (a.k.a curcumin) is believed to inhibit inflammation. As discussed in our Sample Meal Plan, inflammation is a prelude to cancer and other diseases.

Collagen Type 1 & 3 Powder: Used abundantly throughout the entire body, collagen is a protein that helps maintain strength and flexibility. Supplementing with this powder is known to stimulate natural collagen production and promote healing in muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, hair, nails and skin.

Himalayan Salt: Sodium is an electrolyte that is necessary for proper fluid balance. While we want to move away from chemically made standard table salt, Himalayan salt seems to be the purest form of this essential mineral. Not only will this pink salt help maintain electrolyte balance, but it may also help:

- Improve circulation
- Balance pH levels
- Aid in proper metabolism
- Help with absorption of nutrients
- Detoxify the body
- Prevent muscle cramps
- Promote good sleep

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