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Living in a chemically stamped world, it’s no wonder cancer, diabetes, and other preventable diseases are rampant. No matter how healthy you try to be, it’s impossible to escape free radicals.


It is tragic enough that we are exposed to harmful pollutants in the environment, but even our grocery shelves contain foods with chemicals that can cause free radical damage. Everyday your body undergoes countless chemical reactions (think metabolism) and it only takes one cell to divide wrong and multiply into what we know as cancer. So why are we consuming ingredients that have been proven to start this domino effect? It’s time we all become informed about these “food products” and see them for what they really are so that we can make better decisions about our health.


In today’s societies, most people are happy to see that a food has protein or is low fat without any regard as to the process it took to become that product. Not only are we consuming more chemically-engineered –for-a-long- shelf –life crap, but traditional farms have been replaced with factory farms that have no regard for the treatment of animals or how their pharmaceutical additives influence disease in humans. Even the lovely giant red strawberries you see have lost their nutritional value because companies are more concerned with quantity than quality. Sure they look great, but they are contaminated with pesticides and hormones to make it look that way and so that they grow at a faster rate. So while we as a country may be overfed, we are still starving on a cellular level because of the lack of nutritional value in these expedited foods.


We all know drive-thru restaurants are bad because they can make us fat, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Just as tobacco execs found a way to make cigarettes addicting, big time food corporations have elicited scientists to make their food products more addicting on a physiological level so that they make money. What’s most shocking is that the chemicals that have become common on an ingredients list have been proven to cause cancer in laboratory studies.  We have pesticides on crops, artificial sweeteners in sodas, hormones to accelerate growth in animal food sources, antibiotics to keep the animals from getting sick while being raised inhumanely, food dyes, preservatives, added flavor enhancers, corn syrup, and genetic modified foods! None of these ingredients contribute to cellular energy so essentially we are stock piling hazardous waste into our bodies and just waiting to see the effect.


But free-radicals don’t just contribute to cancer; they accelerate the aging process entirely. So while you may not be worried about cancer or the wrinkles on your skin, your nervous, circulatory, and immune systems are being stressed which could put you at risk for developing other diseases. Luckily, exercise improves total body functioning and can contribute in the battle against disease.


If you want to live long, healthy, and disease-free, we need to face the facts. Part of our mission at Foobie Fitness is to help educate everyone on simple ways to improve your overall health.  We want to stress the importance of increasing your intake of antioxidants and adapting a regular exercise program.  When grocery shopping, try to stick to the outskirts of the grocery store, avoid prepackaged foods, and look for foods that say organic, NON-GMO, and hormone-free.


Casey Eischen, BS, CSCS, CPT, CES

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