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Being environmentally conscious is not just great for our planet, but can improve your overall health. Adapt these eco-friendly tips to prevent cellular damage and help save our planet.  


1. Buy Organic, Locally Grown, Grass fed, and Hormone-Free Foods

foobieThere seems to be a correlation between the way our food is mass produced and the prevalence of cancer today. However, when you purchase naturally grown foods, everybody wins! Buying locally helps to preserve traditional methods of farming, unlike today’s factory farms that are injecting our food with disease causing additives like hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and GMO’s. On top of that, animals in the factory farms are grown at such a rapid rate for human consumption that most cannot even stand on their own legs. Not only is today’s farming method cruel to animals, but commercially grown food is nutrient deficient. When you buy organic, not only do you turn your body into a disease fighting machine, but you help to support the local economy, reduce air pollutants, and ensure humane animal treatment. 

* To view an in depth look at how harmful commercially made foods are, watch the documentary Food Inc.


2. Avoid Plastic When Possible

foobie-gogreen2Harmful chemicals used to create plastic products are toxic to your body and destroying our environment. Perhaps you have heard of BPA? This noxious chemical resembles estrogen in the body and disrupts the natural hormonal balance which has been proven as a direct link to breast cancer and can also attribute to fertility problems.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by plastic. From the toys we buy for our kids to the bottled water we covet, the demand for plastic materials also means that an incredible amount of our natural resources are used toward its manufacturing. While recycling helps, sadly a whopping 20 billion pounds of plastic will still end up in our ocean each year destroying marine life along the way. Since we can’t avoid plastic all together, we can at least make smarter choices when possible, by opting for ceramic or glass food containers, purchasing less plastic wrapped foods, using recyclable grocery bags, investing in a stainless steel water bottle, and choosing wood, cloth, or rubber made toys instead of plastic ones.


3. Use Natural Household and Personal Care Products that are not tested on animals

foobie-gogreen3If you want to reduce your exposure of cancer causing chemicals and prevent disease, start by taking a look at everyday products you use on your body and in your home. Small doses of these harmful chemicals put your entire family at risk, including your pets. Sure, we humans know not to ingest, touch, or inhale cleaning products, but what about when Fido licks his paws or eats food off the floor? Not only are animals unable to protect themselves against the cleaning products we use, but sadly, most personal care products are tested on animals before being deemed safe for humans.
But even safe is not safe enough! Most commonly found chemicals in shampoos, soaps, and lotions are readily absorbed into the skin as harmful carcinogens that have been linked to several kinds of cancer. Protect yourself and our animals by using natural cleaning products and personal care products that are not tested on animals. Check your labels!

*Find out how to make your own safe cleaning solution: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/all-natural-cleaning-tips
*To join the Safe Cosmetics campaign: http://www.safecosmetics.org/


4. Go Paperless

foobie-gogreen4When we save paper, we save trees and improve our air quality. While recycling paper is great, reducing your use is even better! Recycling paper demands lots of energy and also requires bleaching agents that are harmful to our environment. Furthermore, chemicals used to print on paper can absorb into the skin and have also been linked to cancer. To limit your exposure to these harmful chemicals, go paperless whenever possible. Choose paperless billing, request receipts to be emailed, use electronic filing, opt for cloth napkins, and buy foods in bulk.


5. Commute on Foot

bike walkWhen possible, walk or bike to help reduce your carbon footprint and your waistline! Evidence shows that physical activity helps lower your risk for certain cancers, among several other health benefits. What’s even better is that you will save money and our planet in the process. Reducing how many times you start your car helps keep down greenhouse gases that are unbelievably harmful to the Earth’s atmosphere and your respiratory system.
For more on the benefits of physical activity, check out our page titled Exercise is Medicine.





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