Success Stories



 One year ago today my life changed forever.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Happy one year cancer survivor birthday to me!!!  To all the ladies just starting your journey: it will get better!  I know it can be a long process especially if you’re going through reconstruction but you will get through it.  I feel better than ever and I have to thanks Casey CoachEischen and Foobie Fitness for all of the support!  I was at a loss after my surgery.  I didn’t know what kind of exercises I should be doing and discovered Casey on YouTube.  I was in a lot of pain and started doing the exercises along with Casey and it relieved some of my pain.  So never give up ladies!!  Holly Sproull Willis

 success storyRunning and exercise are incredibly important to me and I am so thankful I heard about Foobie Fitness before my surgery, as my biggest fear was losing this part of my life.  I followed the clean eating guidelines to prep for surgery and I believe it set the stage for being in excellent health and maximized healing.  FF is an unparalleled resource that gave me the support and instruction I needed to help in my healing.  The stretches resolved discomfort I was having and improved my range of motion back to 100%.  I was also able to transition slowly into resistance training for my upper body and I feel strong now in a way I didn’t believe was possible.  Even though I am several months out from surgery, I still use these exercises and have changed my eating habits.  Thanks Casey, for giving the gift of strength and nutrition! Brie (Champaign, IL)


success story

  The Coach Casey post-mastectomy exercise program is was what really helped me make a speedy and successful recovery after my prophylactic mastectomy and tissue expander reconstruction over a year ago.  I knew that my range of motion and mobility were going to be severely impacted by the traumatic procedure, so I began searching for the right program that I could begin right away and would help me in my recovery.  I found just that in Casey’s videos.  I started doing wrist bends while still in my hospital bed and I slowly progressed through additional exercises in the following days.  Each time I played that YouTube video I was doing better than the day before and I attribute that to this program!  I talk about and recommend it whenever the opportunity presents itself.  I still do it as of the day I write this, having had additional reconstructive surgery just four weeks ago!  Casey has always been positive, encouraging, and willing to offer additional advice and tips.  She even created a clean and simple nutrition plan to supplement the exercise regimen.  Thank you Coach Casey for helping me and countless other women get through this!

 When I was scheduled for a PBM, I was confronted with a huge gap in services as far as physical preparation for surgery and healing after extensive pectoral muscle trauma.  Casey’s tutorials were a lifesaver for me, and greatly improved recovery.  My surgeon was surprised at how quickly I regained range of motion, and has since been recommending the videos to her other patients.” Louise (New-Brunswick, Canada)

 I had my PBM with DTI in February 2014.  Honestly, I had given a lot of thought to selecting what procedure was right for me, and who my doctors were going to be, but had given absolutely no thought whatsoever to how I was going to get back to being my old self and back to doing what I was so used to doing.  It is kind of unbelievable when I think about it now ~ Why wouldn’t I think about my healing process and how I was going to get my range of motion, and health in general, back?!?!  I suppose I just took being a healthy 46 year old before my surgery for granted.  After surgery, my body surprised me.  I had pain and such limited motion, and didn’t know where to start.  I feel so lucky I found Casey’s site, Foobie Fitness!  Once I started doing her stretches several of my pulling, aching pains that were with me since surgery went away within days!  I was shocked, and so very relieved!  Since then I have followed all the workouts from her site religiously.  Now 11 weeks out from my PBM with DTI, I have my full range of motion back, am pain free, and am back to working out.  I am so thankful to have found Foobie Fitness when I did!  Thank you, Casey, for all you do!  I am forever grateful to you.” Carolyn, Pittsburgh, PA