Q: How do I prepare my body for a mastectomy?
A: As soon as you have a surgery date, lay off the chest exercises as more muscle can create more trauma and quit smoking immediately. Focus your workouts on strengthening the core and legs and consider adding yoga to your routine to help the body and mind relax. 2 weeks before surgery, discontinue any supplements as we do not know how these may affect bleeding.

Q: When can I pick up my child after surgery?
A: You may be able to pick your child up after the drains are out. However, this is based on using proper technique. Extending the arms to lift will cause strain tp the pec muscles so we advise you to squat down, hug the child close, and lift with your legs.

Q: When does the pain go away?
A: Given the many diversities from patient to patient, we cannot be certain. That is why we recommend integrating activities slow and keeping track of how they feel when added.

Q: When can I start running?
A: We recommended waiting until you are 6-8 weeks after your final exchange or reconstruction procedure before adding running and other high impact activities back into your fitness routine.
Q: When can I start working out chest again?
A: We think chest exercises should be entirely avoided during the expansion phase. Once you are 6-8 weeks post final reconstruction surgery, you may begin to add chest presses and push ups.



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