Recovery Exercises


Following a mastectomy, implementing a recovery exercise program is important to increase range of motion, prevent scar tissue, and help you ease back into your daily activities. It is also recommended that you start a walking program immediately. This is to promote circulation for healing, increase motility in the GI tract, and prepare the muscles for recovery exercises. Start slowly by walking the halls of the hospital for 5 minutes and increase your time as you feel comfortable. It is important that you walk with someone since you will be medicated.

recovery exercises

WARNING: There are some activities that are contraindicated to a successful recovery as they may result in complications. After a mastectomy, the skin can be left very thin and delicate so we want to allow time for your body to adapt. Impact from running, jumping, horseback riding, etc. should be avoided for several months following reconstruction as it may cause the implant to move. Presses, flys, and other isolated chest exercises should be avoided during reconstruction as this may result in pain, tightness, scar tissue, or capsular contracture.

*Because no two journeys are the same, we want to stress the importance of speaking with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

For more on recovery exercises, check out Foobie Fitness YouTube videos.

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