Level 1


Mastectomy/Reconstruction Exercises

First 2 Weeks 

Goals:  Wash hair, dress yourself comfortably, reach for lightweight items, open doors. *NO LIFTING*

These are exercises that should be done in order for the first two weeks post-surgery in a slow and controlled manner. They are safe to perform with drains, but decrease your repetitions if you notice an increase in fluid output. Be sure to go in order and only advance to a new exercise after completing the others first.

For more exercises check out our Videos.

*Integrate exercises slowly by beginning with just 5 repetitions, 1-2 times a day and working up to 10 reps of each exercise, 3 times a day.


Day 1-3 Begin: wrist/forearms.

Begin while in the hospital to promote blood flow where it is most needed.

Make a Fist:

1) Fully extend your fingers so your palm is open

2) Curl fingers into a fist. Relax hand and repeat. *Do not squeeze too hard


Wrist Extensions:

1) With fingers fully extended, bend the wrist bringing fingers toward you

2) Extend the wrist relaxing fingers away from you. This works best with your hands hanging off the bed so that you do not engage other muscles.

Day 3-5 Begin: Biceps

Bicep Curls:

1) Keeping hands open, bend at the elbows bringing hand closer to you

2) Extend the elbows dropping hand away from you.


Day 5-7 Begin: Shoulders and neck

Shoulder Shrugs:

1) Relax arms by your sides with palms facing in

2) Raise your shoulders up to your ears and lower back down.

Shoulder Abduction:

1) Sit or stand with arms along your sides and palms facing in

2) Begin to raise your arms up to the sides and then relax them back down. Each rep should allow slightly more range.

Neck Stretch:

1) Sit upright and bring your chin to your chest, hold for 10 seconds.

2) Roll the right ear to the right shoulder and hold 10 seconds.

3) Then roll the chin forward to bring the left ear to the left shoulder and hold for 10 seconds.


Days 7-14 Begin: Chest and Back

Chest Stretch:

1) Bringing hands behind the back, try to interlace fingers (you may also use a hand towel).

2) Begin to pull your shoulders down and raise your chin up. Hold for 10 seconds.


1) Bringing your hands in front of your body, interlace your fingers (or use towel)

2) Drop your chin to your chest. Focus on spreading the shoulder blades and hold for 10 seconds.

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