Level 2


Mastectomy/Reconstruction Exercises

Around Week 2

Goals: Pick up a child, drive yourself, return to work, complete household chores, walk the dog.

Once you have had your drains removed and can comfortably complete Level 1 (10 reps, 3 times a day), you may integrate these advanced exercises. Always warm up with Level 1 as a progression into these next moves and begin with just one set of 10 reps before working up to three.

For more exercises check out our Videos.

*It is not advised to begin Level 2 until drains have been removed.

Arm Circles:

1) Raise your arms out to your sides and begin to move your arms forward and back in a circular motion.

2) Reverse and repeat in opposite direction.

Wall Climbs:

1) Stand close to a wall facing forward and place your hand on it.

2) Begin to crawl your fingers up the wall to slowly increase flexion. When you feel you cannot go up anymore, hold it there for a few seconds and then walk your hand back down. Repeat this 10 times increasing how far you go with each rep.

3) Repeat this exercise facing away from the wall, with the arm extended out to the side.

Side Bend Stretch:

1) Stand upright with feet hip width apart and allow arms to hang at your side with palms facing in.

2) Keeping both feet grounded to the floor; begin to lengthen one side of your body as you slide your hand down toward your knee. Hold this for 10 seconds before returning back to an upright position. Repeat this 10 times before switching over to the other side.

Chest Press (using a hand towel):

1) Lay flat on your back with knees bent and bring your arms out to the side with elbows bent.

2) Holding a towel shoulder width apart, extend your arms up and then lower back down.

Overhead Stretch:

1) Lay on your back with knees bent and arms extended from the final chest press position

2) Slowly allow your arms to drop back overhead. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds, come back to start position, and repeat.