Meet Sam, 2016 #FoobieAthlete:
About Sam: “I am originally from England, but have been in South Florida for more than half my life now and love it. In April 2015, after a routine mammogram, I was diagnosed with DCIS stage 1, triple negative breast cancer. I was 42, turning 43 in June. I was lucky to have caught it early and opted for a lumpectomy. Although the tumor was small, it was high gradeand invasive, so I had to undergo four rounds of chemo and 32 rounds of radiation. I was determined to work out and stay active through my treatment and with the support of my husband, I was able to do so. The only setback I had was about ¾ of the way through radiation. My skin was so burned and blistered there wasn’t really much I could do, or even felt like doing, so I stopped going to the gym. A month or so after my treatment I was able to get back into my workout routine, but have been finding it hard to stay motivated. Now that I am finished with my treatment and have the “all clear” I feel like I to need to do something to help inspire other breast cancer sufferers / survivors. I am hoping that Foobie Fitness can help me on that path. I was lucky and caught this early and didn’t suffer too badly with my treatment, but the diagnosis and the journey were no less scary. I want to inspire other women to be strong and know that they can get through this tough journey. Stand up and FIGHT Cancer…I want people to know…My (their) story isn’t over yet!”
What completing a Spartan Race means to her:
“Completing a Spartan race is saying f cancer, look at me now, stronger, fitter and more determined than ever. I want my story to inspire others. If I can inspire just one person to not give up, no matter what they are going through, then it will all be worth it.”
“When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer it rocked my world not only physically but, also emotionally and mentally.  The most difficult part was all the changes my body went through, removal of breasts, hair loss, loss of vitality. The only way to get through something as life changing as cancer is to have the love and support of the people around you.

I always felt love, encouragement, and inspiration from Coach Casey at Foobie Fitness. After each training session I not only felt physically stronger but, I felt empowered. With each passing week I noticed a difference in my emotional state as well.

My biggest fear was not being able to complete the Spartan Sprint. I had never attempted anything like it before. I succeeded finishing the race with the support of Coach Casey, original Foobie Athlete Daliah, family and 100+ Foobie Teammates helping me and cheering me on along the way. The energy was electric!!

After the race I felt exhilarated and even more empowered. It was an amazing experience. I am grateful for everything Coach Casey and Foobie Fitness has done to help me overcome my cancer diagnosis. THANK YOU!!!!!”

Meet Mary, 2015 #FoobieAthlete: 
“I am homegrown Floridian with a love for life and a passion for yoga. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer (stage 3) at 30 years old and  double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with the left side being done prophylactically. Shortly after, I completed 6 rounds of chemo and 32 rounds of radiation, which I still suffer from the long term effects. I took one year to build my strength back using yoga before beginning regular workouts.”
What completing the Spartan Race means to Mary:
Finishing the Spartan Sprint is like sticking my middle finger in cancers face! It means overcoming my last greatest obstacle so far with strength, courage, and dignity. This is a chance for me to inspire other survivors and to let them know that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. AROO!
Her Goal: Spartan Race Sprint Miami (4 miles + 15 obstacles)



Meet Delilah, 2014 #FoobieAthlete: 

Some may think it’s weird when I say that cancer for me was a piece of cake. 10 surgeries, 8 rounds of chemotherapy, over 40 sessions of radiation, multiple scars and reconstructed body parts, tons of doctors appointments, getting poked and prodded every which way: piece of cake. Not being able to play outside with my son because I’m too weak to even walk without pain: torturous. Completing this Spartan Race is the start of proving to myself that I can physically achieve strength, agility, and fitness at a level that I’ve never really had in my life. Proving that silly little things like cancer can’t get in the way of realizing any dream I or you or he or she may have. Get out there and get what you want because no one’s gonna give it to you! Make every single day count for something real and share it with those you love.
Her Goal:  Originally, Delilah set out to complete conquer Spartan Race 4 mile Sprint in Tuxedo, NY June 2014. Thanks to her free coaching from Foobie Fitness, Delilah went on to earn her Spartan Race Trifecta by competing all three race distances in one year and she continues to enjoy Spartan Racing today!

Testimony: Coach Casey is a truly amazing woman, who has been a driving force in my life over the last year. Regaining physical strength and ability post Breast Cancer surgeries and treatments, and leading a healthy lifestyle would have been impossible without her constant motivation and guidance. She has helped me achieve so many goals in that time:

1-Take charge of my own physical abilities diminish to limitations, CHECK!
2-Finish a Spartan Race, CHECK CHECK!!
3-Earn my Spartan Trifecta, CHECKITY CHECK CHECK!!!

I am every grateful of her selfless nature and the great big heart she carries around doing so much good for others. I had the pleasure of achieving some of these goals with her by my side, and each one was an amazing experience to add to my collection.

Coach Casey, thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do for other women effected by this disease. As I’ve said to you before: You have not only shaped me into the Spartan I am today physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. The service you are doing and true friendships you are creating are far greater than any medal either of us could earn. And I am proud to call you my friend!

Lets hear it for the amazing Coach Casey, who’s huge heart and unwavering support has helped not only me but everyone she has touched and will touch via Foobie Fitness. Great things are in store for this strong lady!!”