Stress Management


Stress can lead to improper functioning of the immune system and wreak havoc on the body. Managing stress is especially crucial to promote good healing while dealing with the physical and emotional strain of breast cancer related treatments. We suggest adapting these techniques to help bring peace to your mind and body.

stress management

1. Deep Breathing: As Yogi Mary says, “Connecting with our breath helps calm the mind, relieve anxiety, and heal from within.” To help you feel in control, check out her guide to Mindful Breathing in our Recovery Yoga section.

2. Talk: Because treatment can feel very isolating, it is important to find a therapist or group you can share with whether online or in person. If you need help connecting to an online breast cancer or PBM support group, please email

3. Laughter: Besides being a great diversion, laughter has natural healing capabilities because it stimulates the release of feel good endorphins. Not only will it improve your mood, but laughter also helps to relieve pain, relax muscles, and boost the immune system.

4. Develop Hobbies: Certain activities you love may not be advised while in recovery or treatment. Discover your talents and channel your energy by exploring different hobbies. We recommend reading inspiring books, learning about something new, trying out different crafts, listening to diverse music, and watching movies to keep your mind focused on positivity!

5. Exercise: As stated before, we think exercise is the BEST medicine! Not only will exercise release feel good endorphins, but it also encourages good circulation to promote healing. While we want to stay away from vigorous activities while in recovery, walking, bike riding, and swimming are all great ways to improve circulation and mood. #HAPPYHEALING!!!