How to prepare for surgery and recovery exercises





  1. Thank You for all the information that you have made available for post mastectomy patients. I have been very active all my life and since my mastectomy I can’t do push ups and I have pain on my neck and trapezoid. I had mastectomy on 1/2014. I’ve had three surgeries: mastectomy, implant exchange and just recently implant revision. My PS said that he took a lot of dense scar tissue on my last surgery 6/2015 He doesn’t recommends push ups or extreme upper body work out to his implant mastectomy patients.His argument is that you are causing injury to the muscle and possible cause trauma to the implant. After my first implant exchange 6 weeks post op I went back to the gym and started doing weight training, yoga and cardio, As time progressed one of my implant became very hard . I am on my second set of implants now and I don’t want the same outcome. I was wondering If you have experienced any tightness after your extreme upper body work outs. Watching you doing all the marathons has giving me hope that maybe I can gain back upper body strenght. My fear is that I don’t want to build a capsule around the implant and build a lot of scar tissue. I am older than you are and not as athletic but I would like to eventually strengthen my upper body without causing more trauma. Any tips will be greatly appreciated , Isolda Cowan

  2. What can I do to soften my scars? I had complications and they removed my expanders and now can’t reconstruct until my scars soften I don’t know what that means. …

    • Oh, I’m sorry Gloria. There are many topical ointments that can help, but manly doing you range of motion exercises and other stretches to relax the area will help. Also, we recommend looking into massage therapists with experience working on scar tissue specifically. Good luck! We know everything will work out just wonderful!

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